Saturday, September 25, 2010

Why This Week Has Not Rocked...

Dear Readers,

If you remember, my last post was all about how excited I was to be able to watch my TV shows that have come back this week. That plan turned into an epic fail. You see...

We live with K and S, who are the aunt and uncle of my beautiful roommates. K works from home, and needs the internet to do so. He discovered that our network was interfering with his network (since they're hooked up to the same internet) and so he cut us off. We have no internet. I'm losing my effing mind!!

I've been unable to watch my shows. Thank goodness for Hulu keeping them queued up for me. I've been unable to look for and apply for work. I haven't been able to check Facebook or the news. No random 'internet ninja' searches. My computer has actually been turned off for 24 hours. Right now I'm at a friend's house who is kind enough to let me sign on to her network so that I can catch up with the world. I've missed you!

~Your Lonely Dreamer

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Why I'm Determined to Make This Week Rock!!

Dear Readers,

Personally, I'm struggling with lots of issues right now. My financial situation absolutely and completely blows. I'm gonna have to count pennies to have enough gas to get to work and back tomorrow. My father's health is deteriorating. He and I have never had a good relationship and I'm trying to figure out a way to positively re-connect with him before it's too late. I just found out tonight that my grandmother's health is also very poor. She visited the doctor today because she's been feeling ill. The doctor was unable to find anything wrong with her, but said she's fading fast and asked if she had all her paperwork in order. Yikes! How on Earth am I going to be able to make it to Texas for funerals if it comes to that (cross my fingers, knock on wood, pray to God that it doesn't) when I can't even get to work?

But this week is going to be awesome! I've decided. You see, I'm a television junkie. I love TV! And this week is the kick off of the Fall Season!

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Dancing With The Starts started last night! I discovered DWTS last season, mainly because I wanted to watch Kate Gosselin. But now I just love the show. I don't have a favorite so far this season (it's only been one episode!) but I think Jennifer Grey (from Dirty Dancing fame) is a contender!

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Tonight, my friend Jack threw a party for the season premier of Glee. We all crowded into his adorable apartment, ate cupcakes (in homage to the episode Wheels), drank grape slushies (because glee kids are always getting slushie facials) and Gleeked out!! I had so much fun, even if the episode wasn't as spectacular as we'd all hoped it would be. To read Jack's "Gleek Critique" of tonight's episode go here.

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Thursday is another great night of television premiers! Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice both had me sobbing my eyes out at last year's season finales and I can't wait to find out what everyone is up to. They all have some serious healing to do! I'll be there healing and crying with them every single week. I've watched both shows since the very beginning and I feel kinda like they're family. The Office is just plain old fun! Although it's really sad that this will be Michael Scott's (Steve Carell) last season! I'm having a very hard time imagining what it will be like without him.

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Sunday brings back another show I discovered last year. The Amazing Race is about teams of people who race around the world completing ridiculous tasks to win money. So fun! I've thought about going on it myself, but there's no way I could complete the food and physical challenges, so I'd be out the first week!

See, told you I was addicted! And these are just the shows that are starting this week. I watch lots of other shows that are either in the off-season right now, or have already started. Plus, on Saturday, I'm planning to go to Springville and play some GURPS with my girls. (Yes, I'm a gamer nerd.) And I've decided that the joy of my old trusty TV friends coming back and getting together with my sisters in nerd-dom will be enough to off-set the other crap going on in my life. And when I decide something, it happens. Unless Life decides that I'm full of crap and that it knows better. Then things will go the way Life decides and I'll be back here complaining about it. Until then...

These are the Reflections of,
Your Lonely Dreamer

Friday, September 17, 2010

Glancing at my Last Post...

... has me thinking one thing. Proofread, Proofread, Proofread!

And now I'm thinking that 'proofread' is a very strange looking word!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Dear Readers,

Well, here we are. Day 2 of having this blog, and I have writer's block. I'm asking myself what to write about tonight. Asking what my loyal readers would want to read about. And then I decided.


But, what about me? So, for lack of a better idea, I'm going to post a list of things you may or may not know about me. How long a list? I have no idea. I'll type til I run out of things to say, then probably keep writing til the list is a nice round even number (cause I'm OCD like that.) And, without further ado...

1. My full name is Rebecca Lea Hackett Lisor. Hackett is my maiden name. I'm trying to decided if I want to change it back to my maiden name when my divorce is final, leave it as it is, or make up something entirely new and different. My middle name is pronounced Lee. It's the same as my mother's middle name, and when my grandmother gave it to her everyone said it was pronounce Leah. My NaNa told everyone she could spell it B-I-L-L and it would still be pronounced LEE if she wanted it to be! :)

2. I'm in the process of divorcing the man I dated for 9 years, was married to for 5 months, and have been separated from for 3 years. And when I say in the process, I mean I'm waiting for him to get off his lazy ass, finish the paperwork and send it to me!

3. I have 3 tattoos. The first is a fairy on my ankle. She has her knees drawn up and her hair is covering her face. I love it because you can't tell what she's feeling. Is she crying? Thinking? Sleeping? Laughing? And yes, her feet are missing. I like to say that it means she's grounded, and yet retains the ability to fly.

The second is a turtle on my shoulder blade. The ex and I got matching tats after our honeymoon in Hawaii. Mine isn't easy to see, but his on his calf muscle. Anytime he's in shorts, in the shower, or fooling around with the home-wrecking bitch he has to see his. If you know where to look, and look carefully, our anniversary date is hidden in the coloring.

And third, I have three stars on my inner right wrist. I have 3 nephews that were born just shortly after The Split, as I refer to it. Those boys were the only thing that got me up off the couch, eating, and living some semblance of a life again. This tattoo honors them. People often confuse it with a band-aid on my wrist, which I think is appropriate. I never actually considered suicide during some of the darkest days of my life, but I love the symbolism of the boys being the band-aid that saved my life.

4. I have the most amazing mother! She raised my sister and I by herself (even when my abusive, addicted father was around he wasn't any help.) And now she's helping my sister raise her sons. I love, Love, LOVE my mom! She really is one of my best friends.

5. I used to play bass guitar for a band in college. Sounds cool, huh? Yep, until you realize that I never wrote any of my own music. Our singer/songwriter/guitarist also wrote the guitar and bass parts. I just did what I was told. I did write lyrics for a couple of songs, but they weren't good enough to make it on our CD. Yes, we made a CD. But just because we were all splitting up and moving away and we wanted a keepsake of our music.

6. I graduated 5th in my high school class. Again, impressive, right? Until I tell you that my class was made up of 32 students!

7. I used to be a poet. I'd like to be one again. When I was in high school I wrote poetry as easily as I spoke. If anyone is interested, perhaps I'll post some here. As an adult, though, I've finished very few poems. I get ideas for them that haunt me until I write them down. I'll start to compose the poem, get stuck or have to put it down, and then never come back to it. I'm working on fixing it though.

8. I feel like my brain is dying. I feel like I used to be a whole lot smarter than I am now. I don't know if it has something to do with the people I spend time with being smarter now, so I'm dumber by comparison, or if my brain is just getting slow from lack of use. I'd really love to wake it up again. I keep talking about reading and studying Shakespeare again, but am generally much more motivated when other people are doing things with me. No one is very interested in analyzing Shakespeare and so I have to motivate myself, which is something I suck at.

9. I love the theater! Walking into a place where a play is being produced is like coming home. It doesn't actually even have to be theater. The community theater group I was involved in in Phoenix met, rehearsed, and performed in local churches. But picking up a script, rehearsing, memorizing, doing sets, costumes, makeup.... all of it! I miss it terribly.

And now, dear readers, we are at the point where I don't know what else to write, but cannot finish this without a 10th thing on the list. I told ya it would happen! ... A-ah! Got one!

10. I love to make up words, or call things by names other than those normal society has given them. For example, my cell phone is called my hello. I've actually said "I left my hello in the car." The past tense of snow is snew. As in "It snew 4 inches yesterday!" (Blow = blew. Know = knew. And so forth.) The things outside in your lawn that squirt water to keep the grass green? Those a spinkers.

And now you're all wondering why the hell you've bothered to read through this dribble. Or if it's actually worth being friends with such a weirdo. But remember, without me you would have spent the last few minutes bored instead of reading my inane ramblings. Or, you would have spent them doing some productive and my little list here was the break you poor brain needed. Either way, you love me for it!

Your Lonely Dreamer

Things I Love About Utah #1

Dear Readers,

I love Stephen's Gourmet Hot Cocoa!! It's the best hot chocolate on the planet, and can only be found in Utah. (Ok, that last bit's not entirely true. But it's very very hard to find in Arizona, which is the only other place I've looked.) And, the fact that I'm drinking some tonight, in September, is amazing. In Hot-As-Hell Land (also known as Phoenix, AZ) even thinking about a hot drink at this time of year is enough to make you sweat.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Dear Readers,

I hate it when people comment things like "First!" on Facebook and Myspace. They may do it on Twitter and other social networks as well, but I don't use those, so I don't know. But seriously, if you don't actually have a comment on the posting, then don't say anything at all! We don't care if you're "first"... especially since 12 other people are posting the exact same word at the exact same time!

:Rant Over:

So, here we are. My first blog. I've been feeling more and more lately that my brain is just too full. Lots of difficult things going on, and to write about it makes me feel better. And one day I'll look back on these postings and think "Wow, you whiny little cry-baby. It wasn't that bad." I remember finding a diary from high school and reading through it. I found an entry lamenting the fact that I had accidentally spilled Mt. Dew on my CDs the night before and wondering if they'd ever work again. They did. A little warm water and a washcloth and they were as good as new. And here we are 10 years later and I don't even listen to CDs anymore (not often, anyway.) 

But, I digress.

But a warning to anyone who might be reading this: It may get down right depressing at times. As this is as place for me to vent my frustrations and worries, as well as keep anyone who cares informed about what is going on in my life, it get may get difficult to read. But I'll do my best to make it entertaining in the process.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, concludes the first ramble and reflections of your Lonely Dreamer,